Welcome to NG Sales,

your complete water treatment system specialists.  This site is dedicated to water treatment information and training.   NG Sales features products in conjunction with Nugen Pure Water Systems;  offering both residential and commercial water treatment systems.  


NG Sales offers a complete training and sales program designed to teach service companies how to add water treatment to their existing business. Using exclusive, proven and honest "no gimmick" water treatment equipment.

Commercial system quick specification. We will engineer the proper commercial system for your application or meet an existing commercial specification.

Training Videos  Learn how to sell and install water softeners that are up to code and properly sized for their applications.  Also featuring videos showing the correct installation for water filtration systems and the Water Maker 5 Reverse Osmosis System.

Service and Troubleshooting Videos  Watch and learn how to diagnose and service the Pro ExStream and Premier water treatment systems.

Comprehensive Valve Library  Find pictures and manuals for most Fleck, Autotrol, Clack, and Erie valves.