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Gemline ExStream Water Softener System

Gemline ExStream

The Gemline ExStream Water Conditioning systems are designed and manufactured exclusively for Morrison Supply. This system has been engineered with the latest and most efficient technology of any system on the market. Utilizing the new Fusion XT control system.

This system is designed for both high and low flow water demands. All systems have been certified to NSF 44 standards and meets the requirements for all plumbing codes. No more flushing the toilet and getting scalded in the shower because of water softener restriction. This system is a true full-flow system designed for 1 to 3 inch water lines with a full flow interior distribution system, and is available in multiple sizes. Consult the plumbing code charts for proper sizing for your application ensuring that your system meets the demand required by your home. All systems over 1.25 should be factory engineered to the specific application.

NSF Gold Seal
Formerly known as the Morrison eXstream


KDC Filtration System

KDC Filtration System The KDC Filtration System was developed to be used in conjunction with a Water Softener or as an alternative stand alone Whole House Filtration System. The KDC uses a four-stage filtration process to remove and reduce a large number of contaminants and Heavy Metals. It is also a De-Scaler and Anti-Bacterial Filter assuring clean filtered water throughout your house.


Reverse Osmosis with the Water Maker 5 from Nimbus

Water Maker 5 The Water Maker Five is a compact five stage reverse osmosis system. With its green design, it produces great-tasting water while reducing the amount of water down the drain by 25%. Its small size makes it easier to install in cramped kitchen cabinetry.


Reverse Osmosis with the NuGen 5 Stage System

The NuGen 5 Stage RO sytem produces great water at a great price. It fits neatly under the kitchen sink to bring your family great water.


Iron Elimination

Iron eXstream The Iron eXstream is the best, chemical free, trouble free, low maintenance iron filtration system you will ever own.